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    Last edited by VinTN; 24-04-2011 at 10:50 AM. Reason: Added Photo and Info

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinTN View Post

    UL121 !!! Great shots !!! thanks.

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    Shots of SriLankan Airlines I've taken over the years:

    1) 4R-ALD (A330) - Link

    2) 4R-ABJ (A320) - Link

    3) 4R-ALD (A330) - Link

    4) 4R-ADA (A340) - Link

    5) 4R-ALA | 4R-ADE | 4R-ALC - Link

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    thanks prajwal

    thanks shanshanka

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    4R-ABM was pictured on 11-Apr-2011, prior engine fit.

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    Red face SriLankan Aircraft images

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    Hello guys,

    This is my first visit to your forum.
    I would like to share the picture of A330 SriLankan with you.

    Airbus A330-200
    SriLankan Airlines
    Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Thailand
    February 28, 2011

    Sorry for poor quality.

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    Hello everybody,

    Recently I made a vacation trip do Maldives and got some nice shots of the Sri Lankan A340 approaching to land at MLE. Someone saw my pictures on Flickr and invited to join this forum.
    I am not a spotter myself, but I do work on aviation and like to shot here and there. Hope you like the pics.

    SriLankan Airlines Airbus A340-313X. Registration 4R-ADE

    SriLankan Airlines Airbus A340-313X. Registration 4R-ADE

    Always Learning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max View Post
    nice pic

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    Perfect Landing at Colombo Airport.

    Picture perfect landing..even though the condition was quite windy

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    mihinlanka A321 @ kuwait

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    What has been your experience with Mihin lanka?

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    SriLankan Airlines, 4R-ADG, A340-313X, London Heathrow, 03-July-2011.

    please click on the picture to view in larger-size.

    Pictures by Banuthev

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serendib View Post
    What has been your experience with Mihin lanka?

    not quite great experience i have traveled two times kwi-cmb-kwi route both times i have to wait hours to take my luggage @ cmb
    first time it happen on Xmas nite so i can understand that because lack of staff but second time i don't know what happen to them & no any responsible authority visible to ask about

    the other thing was schedule flight was 1615 hrs according to my ticket but when i went to the airport they rescheduled it to 1845 hrs
    they did not informed me about this (some other tickets showing schedule time 1845 hrs - means they change it long before) so i asked one of staff his reply was i took ticket from agent not directly from Mihin lanka (that's the reason they couldn't informed me )
    may be he was thinking i'm first time travelling in aircraft but i didn't argue with him because i want to keep myself cool

    after the checking a\c further delayed up to 2200 hrs

    cabin staff is average (actually par below the standards) but it's ok as a budget airline

    so my advice is if u have time, delays are ok & if u can wait hours & the airport mihinlanka is the best

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    These are the great pictures. I have visited Sri Lanka but I want to fly with air bus in Sri Lanka. I want to see the beauty of Sri Lanka from the sky.

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