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View Poll Results: What city do you think SriLankan Airlines will start new service to?

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  • Melbourne

    36 57.14%
  • Seoul

    7 11.11%
  • Madurai

    23 36.51%
  • Nairobi

    6 9.52%
  • Johannesburg

    6 9.52%
  • Kathmandu

    4 6.35%
  • Goa

    5 7.94%
  • Kozhikode

    5 7.94%
  • Hyderabad

    4 6.35%
  • Ahmedabad

    1 1.59%
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    Arrow Aviation Hobby + Flight Stimulator

    Please post here relating to the Aviation Hobby

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    Srilankan airlines Oslo norway to Colombo Srilanka. Skip the intro start from 0:38

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    Sri Lanka A380 Landing and takeoff at Schipol international Airport. Hope we'll have some A380s soon.
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    I love this old Air Lanka logo..and it's soo.. unique...

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    Sri Lankan Airlines Colombo - Paris

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    All the new members please introduce yourself before posting any where. If your late, its not too late. Post your introduction now. If your still a guest, register now.....

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    Umedha Hettigoda - Commercial Aviation Enthusiast living in AKL- NZL

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    Hello all A.netters,
    My name is Jailam and I am from the Maldives.
    I am very interested in aviation and look forward to share my experiences/views with you all.
    Have a great day.

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    Hello all A.netters,
    My name is Jailam and I am from the Maldives.
    I am very interested in aviation and look forward to share my experiences/views with you all.
    Have a great day.

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    hi Im Kumara Guruge Sri Lanka Air Force

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    Quote Originally Posted by kumaraguruge View Post
    hi Im Kumara Guruge Sri Lanka Air Force
    Welcome to Our forum bro.

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    Tell us about your very first flight. Where, when, why and how old you were ..

    My first ever flight was in 1994 in the age of 11. I went for a holiday trip in a L1011 on CMB - MAA UL121

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    I was going to Gatwick in 1984 Air Lanka L1011 from CMB. dont remeber much... on the way we had a stop over in ZRH i lost my jacket lol I was 2 yrs

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    Domestic - 1994, when I was 4, from Colombo to Anuradhapura on Lion Air.

    International - Early October 1995. Air Lanka L1011 CMB - BKK - HKG. Dad was friends with the pilots, so they let us in for the landing at HKG. We sat in anticipation as we manoeuvred through the high rises and came in for a smooth landing on the infamous Kai Tak runway. I still remember it all so clearly! :P

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    1994, when I was 9 months, From CMB - DXB via SHJ on Air Lanka L1011! well, I went to see my dad! and since then I have been on this route for more than 20 times!
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    The first time I ever experienced a small aircraft, and the first time I ever took the controls of an aircraft, I was 14. I was just entering high school, and as a graduation/birthday present, my grandparents had purchased a scenic flight tour from the local flight centre near my house. It was only good for a half-hour of flying, but that was good enough for me. I remember one summers-day, I called the airport to see if I could use my voucher, little did I know that the man on the other end of the phone was Brandon Macdonald, the man who would Instruct me from nothing all the way to a CPL at a different flight school. The man I went flying with that day was difficult to understand, as he spoke (and still speaks) with a very distinct Iranian accent, he had told me his name was Akbar Bashiri, and that he would be my instructor. Knowing that I wanted to be a pilot one day, he let me take control of the aircraft right almost as soon as it started. In fact, the only thing I didn't do on the flight was use the radio, nor did I land. He was so overjoyed to be flying on such a nice day, that he extended our half hour flight into an hour and a half flight, no extra cost. At the end of it, he handed me a study guide for my radio-operators license, and said that even though I couldn't get my PPL until I was a bit older, I could at least get my radio-operator's license. It would be almost 4 years until my next flight at the same school, with another Instructor, Brett Frey, that I would later fly with on many occasions while in College. Although I didn't attend my local flight school, it seemed that some of these people would play a large part in my training. Brandon being my PFI for PPL, as well as being my Night Rating Instructor, and my CPL recommending instructor, and I would have many instrument and CPL training related flights with Brett. After graduating from College with my CPL and Multi-IFR in hand, I came back home, and began an Instructor Rating. My instructor for that would be non-other-than Akbar. It's funny, my first instructor ever, turned out to be my last instructor ever. Also, I didn't log my first flight until I went to College, April 14th of 2008, in a Zlin 242L (C-FCSB) with my then PFI Keith Toplis (who only flew with me twice, and very late in the semester I had worked so hard to make it into. I was told he was a great instructor, but I only knew him as the guy who'd rather fly with the 3rd years in the twin, instead of his 1st years).

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    My first one was from CMB-DXB-ZRH-CDG (Single flight) with a Tristar of Srilankan Airlines.

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    I was flying to Rome FCO with my mother and brother...
    Flight: AirLanka UL581
    A/C: A340-300

    I was 11 years.. and after the take off from CMB we had a lot of turbulances and the flight was half empty... my mother was togeather with my brother in 2 seats.. I was in the middle.. and no one was there next to me... 5 seats empty... and after the flight made a left turn I saw the wing which was going to touch the sea.. and I was terrified... asked my mother to get out from the aircraft...... But after few min it was really wonderful... the landing was amazing... right side turn, nose shaprply down.... and a nice touch down....

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