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    does any one know the procedure to obtain CPL then to Cadet pilot. I saw Sri Lankan has called for Cadet pilot applications but those are with CPL only unlike Singapore airlines or cathy pacific or emirates which used to give both CPL and job oppertunity.



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    Quote Originally Posted by dinesh View Post

    does any one know the procedure to obtain CPL then to Cadet pilot. I saw Sri Lankan has called for Cadet pilot applications but those are with CPL only unlike Singapore airlines or cathy pacific or emirates which used to give both CPL and job oppertunity.


    well to apply for sri lankan you should have a cpl multi rating and a instrument rating.if u have all those u can apply for the cadet pilot program and the type rating for airbus is provided by sri lankan also u can apply for mihin lanka but u should pay for the type rating

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    Hello friends, is there any one who can assist me FSX Airbus A340-300 free download.
    I am interested in ATC and to know more about new compress engine simulators in Sri Lanka aviation industry.
    Sounds good to hear about carrier with Sri Lanka aviation industry.

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    is sri lankan airline accept the external BIT degree
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    Hello friends, can any one tell me when is the next intakes for cadet pilot of sri lankan airline?
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    This add isn't for cadet pilots its for pilots with experience on the type.Srilankan had a intake for cadet pilots in October.

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    Sri Lanka to launch first-ever Piloting Degree

    Details Published on Tuesday, 27 December 2011 12:53 Hits: 954

    Gateway Graduate School - Sri Lanka’s leading private educational establishment is to sign contracts with a United Kingdom-based university in February to offer air travel degree with pilot training. The aviation degree will be the first in Sri Lanka.

    With the introduction of Sri Lanka’s first-ever air travel degree programme obtaining academic qualifications in piloting will become much more affordable for students. Many Sri Lankan students go for countries like UK, US, Malaysia and Singapore to pursue highly expensive air travel degrees and pilot training programmes. This will help to reduce the foreign exchange drain to other countries and will attract foreign students to Sri Lanka as well. Also the students will be able to complete their degree programme in the given period of time, as the weather of the country will not be a hindrance for pilot training like in other countries. According to Head of Gateway Graduate School, Michael Dobson there are already seven Sri Lankan students who have enrolled for the degree programme, which is scheduled to commence in September 2012.

    The air travel school, which is planned to be set up in Ratmalana is funded jointly by the university and the Gateway Graduate School at the initial stage. The school has plans of providing accommodation to foreign students at an affordable price compared to other countries.

    Airlines in the European Union (EU) are beginning to recruit aircrew that holds degrees while German airline Lufthansa has already commenced enrolling recruits giving priority to those who have air travel degrees. Therefore launching the air travel degree is timely, in answering a demand from the aviation industry.

    With the opening of Sri Lanka’s second international airport in Udamattala, Hambantota for commercial operations, it will create tremendous opportunities and open up many spheres to uplift the industry and to boost up the country’s economy while becoming a mega-regional aviation hub in Asia.

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    SriLankan Airlines hires more cadet pilots

    SriLankan Airlines' latest batch of cadet pilots were awarded their 'wings' when they passed out as Junior First Officers recently at the international airport in Katunayake.

    "With plans for expanding the fleet size to 30 aircraft by 2015, more recruitment will be initiated to meet growing demand with SriLankan gearing to increase its’ route network," the airline said in a statement.

    "The batch of 2010 (cadet pilots) underwent a stringent one-year training programme before qualifying to fly with the national carrier," the statement said.

    The cadet pilots obtained the CAASL (Civil Aviation Authority) license, a globally recognised certification, the airline said.

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    SriLankan IAA among IATA top ten

    The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) has named SriLankan Airlines' International Aviation Academy (IAA) as one of its ten best Authorised Training Centres (ATC) in South Asia, for 2012. The award is a formidable endorsement of the outstanding contribution by IAA in developing human capital for tomorrow's air transport industry and related sectors.

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    Lankan pilot to fly first Air Arabia flight

    The inaugural Air Arabia flight G9508 scheduled to be taken off to Mattala on the historic day of March 18, 2013 will be manned by Captain Narada Ranasinghe, the only Sri Lankan captain working for Air Arabia. After having obtained his CPL from Lion Air and Instrument Rating in Melbourne, Australia, the old Anandian stepped into the cockpit at the age of 25 as a young Cadet Pilot at Sri Lankan Airlines in 2000.

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    I want to join the cadet pilot course provided by Sl... I will be finishing my O'levels this June, i am then planing on going to Australia to obtain my CPL. After i get my license can i apply for the cadet program and will there be a chance of Sl airlines hiring me?

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    Come fly in the USA!

    Join the fun and train with pilots from around the world. Our flight school operates at the Long Beach Airport near Los Angeles. Message me with any questions you have regarding flight training in the USA. We are doing another flying trip next week, the video for that will be posted in about 2 weeks.

    Safe flying everyone!

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    just tell us what's the flying school name and the website

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    Great job, Captain Fernandopulle and Co, on UL 849! - See more at:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serendib View Post
    Great job, Captain Fernandopulle and Co, on UL 849! - See more at:
    So it was , 4R ALA A330 200

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKYBUCK729 View Post
    So it was , 4R ALA A330 200
    Holy crap I just came in that from Tokyo, since our A333 wasn't coming on that day... I really hated the seats in it (ALA) -.- The head rests were like a big block of stone and was very hard!

    The engines are missing a logo too...

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