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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedbird View Post
    A typical Sri Lankan project; I am not sure why everyone is so interested in A380' would have better spent on overlay and constructing rapid exit taxiway
    $50 Million is quite a bit more than the previously quoted $30 Million - both figures are excessive imho. In all fairness the $30 Million was given as an 'estimate'.

    There needs to be an investigation into this - especially as it is yet another Epic Fail.

    As with all these types of projects I expect zero transparency and a lot of people pocketing money at the expense of the people of Sri Lanka.
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    Always fly a stable approach - it's the only stability you'll find this business

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    No upgrade for BIA despite US$ 50m renovation

    By Namini Wijedasa
    Despite three months’ renovation work which disrupted airline schedules, the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) will not upgrade the Bandaranaike International Airport’s runway in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organisation-accepted classification for runways capable of accommodating new large aircraft such as A380s.

    Notwithstanding its recent widening at a cost of US$ 50 million, the BIA runway will remain Code E or one that can facilitate aircraft with a wingspan of more than 52 metres but less than 65 metres. The A380 aircraft has a wingspan of more than 80 metres. This is because the width of the core runway at BIA is still 45m and it was only the “shoulders” on either side that were extended during the renovation work.

    In media announcements, Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd bizarrely claimed that the BIA’s upgraded runway was a “modified Code F”. Such classification does not exist anywhere in International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) literature, which only refers to Code E or Code F runways. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has repeatedly said the BIA runway was capable of accommodating the A380.

    A Code F runway requires a core runway of 60m–and not 45m–with adequate strength to bear the weight and pressure of new large aircraft. It should also have inset runway edge lights (the BIA runway has elevated edge lights) and ‘shoulders’ with adequate bearing strength to provide an overall runway and shoulder width of 75m. It must also have additional runway centre line guidance.

    full read

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    ADB SAFEGATE is partnering with CATIC-ENG China to enable Colombo International Airport’s move to improve operational efficiency with the use of energy-friendly solutions

    Bandaranaike International Airport, also known as the Colombo International Airport, is Sri Lanka’s main international airport handling nine million passengers annually. Starting this month, the airport is set to undergo a massive infrastructure expansion, which includes the construction of a second international terminal that will increase annual passenger capacity to 15 million passengers
    Any news on the proposed new terminal? Did a Google search myself, but nothing seems to be happening on that topic.
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    Sri Lanka’s first airport is set to get busy again with more commercial operations set to take hold as state plans get underway to develop the hub for the Colombo Airport Ratmalana as an international facility with required certification with no more “bananas” to hamper the progress.

    The Ratmalana airport is set to become the next biggest development as it gears to be upgraded to entertain charter and scheduled commercial international and domestic flights.

    The airport is set to become a 3C certified facility that could cater to A319, ATR, DH08 and other similar aircraft once the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) carries out an audit and ensure compliance with international standards to obtain aerodrome certification, Airport and Aviation Services Airport Manager for Colombo Airport, Ratmalana Aruna Rajapaksha said in an interview with the Business Times at his office last week.

    The runway at the airport needed to be maintained with obstacle clearance, mandatory manual, aircraft emergencies which are part of the compliance requirements that require international certification.

    Read more .......

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    SriLankan Aviation mulls major expansion drive in Mattala

    Sri Lanka Aviation College, SriLankan Airlines training arm, is looking at a major expansion drive and is also looking at setting up an Aviation College in Mattala Airport.

    SriLankan Aviation College General Manager Primal De Silva said that they will set up this college from revenue within the company and also through bank loans. “We are ready to invest but need more aircraft movements at Mattala to fully engage in the project.”

    He said they have also acquired a 737 200 cargo aircraft for training and now are on the look out for a six seater Cessna aircraft.

    Elaborating on their other plans he said that they will also tie up with three universities in England and Australia to offer more engineering courses. “We will also open two regional Aviation Colleges in Jaffna and the Eastern province next year. The students will come to Colombo in their final part of the exam to Colombo for practicals.

    De Silva said SriLankan Aviation College is a self funding institution and today has around 20% of foreign students who help to generate additional forex to the country and the airline.

    He said that they are one of the world’s 25th IATA accredited Regional Training Partners and only such centre in the region.

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the largest aviation training body in the world, has selected Sri Lanka as the venue for its flagship annual event, the IATA Global Training Partner Conference 2017, on May 15 and 16 at Cinnamon Grand. “We will provide around Rs. 1.5 million to be the main sponsor for the event allowing us to get regional mileage from the event.”

    The conference is the largest aviation training conference in the world and is the most dynamic event for networking in aviation training partners worldwide.

    IATA selected Sri Lanka from among many other nominees for its Global Training Conference based on the above criteria and by recognizing the efforts of SriLankan Aviation College and SriLankan Airlines in developing a regional platform for aviation training.

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    Maldivian Airlines planned to run a Malé – Ratmalana service 3x weekly using Dash 8-300 turboprop equipment starting April 9, 2017. However, Sri Lankan Customs staff have yet to be deployed to the airport and the flights have not commenced.

    Source:ch aviation
    I think RML need more preparation for handling the international flights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serendib View Post
    Any news on the proposed new terminal? Did a Google search myself, but nothing seems to be happening on that topic.
    I can confirm that some sort of construction is going on. At the airport right now, and RN construction has the entry passage to the airport mostly obstructed with boards hiding construction work going on behind. Airside seems to be normal for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyline View Post
    I can confirm that some sort of construction is going on. At the airport right now, and RN construction has the entry passage to the airport mostly obstructed with boards hiding construction work going on behind. Airside seems to be normal for now.
    I am curious to know what construction work is currently in process at Colombo Airport. Any idea lankaflyer and randeera?

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    New security measures at Colombo International Airport

    May 24, Colombo: New regulations have been introduced according to the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization to enhance the security at Sri Lanka's Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake.

    That new regulations will be effective from the first of June, the Airport Security Services announced.

    According to new regulations, volume of liquid that passengers can carry in their hand luggage on board the plane will be limited. The liquids will also include volatile liquids and gels.

    All liquids must be placed in a 20 x 20 transparent, sealable, plastic bag and should not exceed one liter, while each passenger will only be allowed one plastic bag.

    Medicines and baby Food are allowed with doctor's instructions.

    The Airport Security Services request the passengers to cooperate with authorities for their safety and to facilitate its services.


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