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    Arrow Overseas Aviation

    London LHR Pictures - 22-May-2011

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    Some Statistics of MLE airport.

    1) Emirates offers 21 weekly flights out of MLE with 14 weekly to DXB and 7 weekly to CMB.

    2) Qatar Airways offers 14 weekly A321 flights out of MLE to DOH.

    3) Etihad Airways will start 7 weekly A320 flights out of MLE to AUH from 1st November 2011.

    4) The highest frequency and seat capacity to any city from MLE is CMB: MLE-> CMB is 49 weekly and CMB -> MLE is 48 weekly

    5) The Single largest foreign carrier out of MLE in terms of frequency and capacity is Sri Lankan with 37 weekly flights each way with flights to CMB, LHR and NRT.

    6) The Route that has the highest 3rd party carriers (excluding the origin and destination flag carrier) is CMB - MLE with EK, WY and MU plying with traffic rights between the 2 city pairs.

    7) Indian carriers at the moment have 14 weekly flights from MLE (daily A320 each from BLR and TRV). Kingfisher Airlines and Spicejet are supposed to start flights between BOM and MLE soon.



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    Good to see still UL dominates Male Airport.

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    The abandoned flying fishes of Air Maldives (URL)

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    Here's a little update on the state of the Maldivian civil aviation industry right now.

    Currently there are 5 airlines operating in the Maldives:

    1) Maldivian : operated by Island Aviation, currently has 5 aircrafts (1 x Dornier 228, 2 x Bombardier Dash8 series200, 2 x Bombardier Dash8 series300)
    2) Trans Maldivian Airways : operates domestic seaplane services between Male' and tourist resorts.
    3) Maldivian Air Taxi : operates domestic seaplane services between Male' and tourist resorts
    4) Mega Global Air : operates between Male', Gan and Hong Kong. Currently has one aircraft (Boeing 767-3P6 ER)
    5) FlyMe : new startup by Villa Air, due to start operations in June 2011. Currently has two aircrafts (ART42-500)

    Currently there are 6 airports in the Maldives:

    1) Male' International Airport (VRMM)
    2) Gan International Airport (VRMG)
    3) Hanimaadhoo Airport (VRMH)
    4) Kadhdhoo Airport (VRMK)
    5) Kaadedhdhoo Airport (VRMT)
    6) Maamigili Airport (VRMV: opening in June 2011)

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    8Q-TMO (Link)

    8Q-MEG (Link)

    8Q-TMK (Link)

    TMA Sea Plane Terminal (Link)

    8Q-IAR (Link)

    8Q-AMD (Link)

    8Q-IAP (Link)
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    Two aircraft of FlyMe:

    1) I-ADLL (future 8Q-VAR) - Source: Airliners.net

    2) I-ADLQ (8Q-VAQ) Source: Skyliner


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    For information about airlines and aircraft from the Maldives, please visit: 8Q-BLOG (Blog, Facebook, Twitter)

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    As a bonus, this one I shot at GRU (São Paulo) where I work.

    Always Learning

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    First one is more stunning for me, any way looking for manual info regarding this. Wish for progress of Sri Lanka aviation has more business with UN, Colombo.

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    Maldives Aviation Services strategy offers a personalized service to its customers. Member of this approach is the careful selection of staff, through training in the early adaptation to customer requests and support requests for more background difficult.

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    Well, for give life to this forum, i post some venezuelan airlines :

    Aeropostal: Was the flar airline of the country until 198, when a economical crisis forcet him to sell their A310 and all the 727-200. Today, is ona if the principal domestic airlines of Venezuela, opertaing 3 Dc-9 and 3 Md-8X, all are ex-Alitalia.

    Aserca: Is too one of the most used options to domestic flights and for St. Marteen flights. Never has the flag carrier, but is a very important airline between Aeropostal. It operates 16 Dc-9, and 6 Md-8X.

    Avior: Is one of the two airlines of the east of Venezuela. They operates only flights to Caracas, Margarita, Puerto Ordaz and Miami, but had charter flights to the caribbean islands. They operates 8 737-200 and some B1900 Beechcraft.

    Conviasa: Is one of the two flag carriers of Venezuela. Are government property. The have flights from different allies coutry like Iran, Spain, Brazil, Syria, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada and Colombia. Also operates a lot of domestic destinations. They operates with one A340 (Have plans to adquire other), 2 ATR-42, 3 ATR-72, one Dash-7, 6 737-200, 3 737-300, 4 CRJ-700. Have orders to 20 ERJ-190, and have plans to buy Il-96 or Il-62.

    Laser Airlines: Is the carrier of the Isand of MArgarita, a very paradise island in the Venezuelan Caribbean. They only operates domestic flights to Caracas, Puerto Ordaz, Valencia, Barcelona, Maracaibo and Barquisimeto.They operates 4 Dc-9 and 5 Md-81.

    Rutaca: Is the las airline of the east of the country, is the airline of my city . Thay operates many domestics flights and some international charters and scheduled flights. They operates 7 737-200 and 4 Cessna 208 Grand Caravan.

    With the repaint of the Football National Selection.

    Santa Barbara Airlines/SBA Airlines: Is the second National carrier of Venezuela. This and Aserca belong to the same people. The operates many International and domestic flights. They operates 10 757-200, 4 767-300, 2 Dc-9, 11 Md-8X and 5 ATR-42.

    The plane of the next photo was crashed in 2008, all passegenrs and crew. RIP to all.

    Venezolana: Is the newest airline of the country, starting operations in 2001. They operates many domestic flights and international flights to Miami, Aruba, Curaçao, Panama and Santo Domingo. They operates 5 737-200, 2 Jestream J-31 and 1 Md-83.

    Well, these are the principal venezuelan airlines. Have many others, but operates little flights between little towns, or little touristic airlines from Canaima and La Gran Sabana. I flight with Rutaca, Venezolana, Aserca, Aeropostal and Laser, all are good.

    Grettings comrades!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnaseeh View Post
    The abandoned flying fishes of Air Maldives (URL)
    Wich aircraft are that? LEt-410 or something like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnaseeh View Post
    The abandoned flying fishes of Air Maldives (URL)
    Wich aircraft are that? LEt-410 or something like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnaseeh View Post
    The abandoned flying fishes of Air Maldives (URL)
    Wich aircraft are that? LEt-410 or something like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDFD View Post
    Wich aircraft are that? LEt-410 or something like that?
    Both are Dornier 228-212 of defunct Maldives airline - Air Maldives. As of April 2011, they are parked in scrap yard at Malé Airport. More information about Dornier 228 is available on http://www.airliners.net/aircraft-da...ts.main?id=211

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banuthev View Post
    Both are Dornier 228-212 of defunct Maldives airline - Air Maldives. As of April 2011, they are parked in scrap yard at Malé Airport. More information about Dornier 228 is available on http://www.airliners.net/aircraft-da...ts.main?id=211
    Thanks for the info comrade!

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    Emirates A380 services to Malaysia

    Emirates, the Dubai-based international airline, continues to expand its list of Airbus A380 destinations, with Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, set to welcome the superjumbo on 1st December 2011.

    Emirates’ partnership with Malaysia began in October 1996 when the airline launched its services to Kuala Lumpur via Dhaka.

    By 2006, the airline connected Dubai and Kuala Lumpur non-stop and today operates 21 non-stop flights a week between these two important cities.

    In what will be the first scheduled A380 service to Malaysia by any airline, Emirates’ flagship aircraft will operate as EK346 departing Dubai at 0405hrs and arriving in Kuala Lumpur at 1455hrs on the same day.

    The return leg, EK347, will depart Kuala Lumpur at 1930hrs arriving in Dubai at 2230hrs.

    “The United Arab Emirates is a leading trading partner with Malaysia and over the last 15 years Emirates has played its part as the bridge between these two countries. Emirates has always been committed to Malaysia and the launch of the A380 on the route follows strong and increasing demand, not just from business travellers, but leisure travellers as well, boosting Malaysian tourism.” said Richard Jewsbury.

    Trade between Malaysia and the UAE has expanded more than three-fold over the last decade from US$1.16 billion in 2000 to US$4.59 billion last year.

    Emirates’ A380 service arrives in Dubai at a convenient time giving passengers the options of onward connections to any of Emirates’ expanding list of over 100 European, Middle Eastern, African or American destinations. Emirates also offers a number stopover packages, giving passengers the opportunity to break their journey and relax in Dubai.


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    Dubai Airport posts record traffic results

    Dubai International started the second half of 2011 on a record-setting pace posting a monthly passenger total of 4.7 million that eclipsed the previous high water mark of 4.3 million set in July 2010.

    Dubai Airports latest traffic numbers reveal that Dubai International handled a total of 4,724,109 passengers in July compared to 4,307,926 in July 2010, a year on year increase of 9.7 percent. Year to date traffic reached 29,291,927 up 9 percent compared to 26,870,440 in the corresponding period in 2010.

    The largest regional traffic growth in July in terms of total passenger numbers was recorded on routes to and from AGCC (+218,987), the Indian subcontinent (+68,063), Western Europe (+58,586) and North America (+37,435). The fastest growing regions on a percentage basis were AGCC (+34 percent), North America (+28.3 percent), Eastern Europe (24.3 percent) and South America (+18.5 percent). On a country level, the largest gains were seen on traffic to and from Saudi Arabia (+127,882 passengers), the USA (+38,070) and Qatar (+35,210).

    Aircraft movements during July totalled 27,166, up 4.2 percent from the 26,065 posted during the same period last year. Year to date aircraft movements numbered 317,664 up 6.8 percent from 297,355 posted during the first seven months of 2010.

    July air freight volumes dipped slightly as Dubai International handled 192,538 tonnes of freight compared to 197,845 tonnes during the same period in 2010, down 2.7 percent. Year to date Dubai International has handled a total of 1,250,489 tonnes of cargo, compared to 1,252,505 tonnes during the same period last year, a contraction of 0.16 percent.

    “This latest milestone further illustrates Dubai Internationals emergence as a preeminent global hub,” said Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports. “Not only did we set a new record, we surpassed the previous high point by over 400,000 passengers.

    Dubai International offers more flights to more destinations by more airlines than ever before which has had an almost exponential effect on connectivity and customer choice.

    Combined with Dubai’s burgeoning attractiveness as a centre for business and tourism, this is sure to fuel future expansion.”

    “Dubai International is currently ranked as the fourth busiest airport worldwide for international passenger traffic. However, we are hot on the heels of Hong Kong International, and aspire to take over the number three spot by the end of the year,” Griffiths added.

    Dubai International connects over 220 destinations across six continents on more than 150 airlines. Passenger numbers are projected to top 51 million by the end of 2011 and reach 98 million by 2020.


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    A Day in the Life of Air Traffic Over the World

    Source : Flightstats, Airboyd

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