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    Quote Originally Posted by lordvader View Post
    Hi Mahinda, hope retirement is treating you well. Lets try get back on topic here..
    Relax dude no need to be childish and go name calling lol how old are you ) Lets keep on topic? yea lets try that now

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeatStuff View Post
    So you're arguing that it is in fact the IMF that came after Sri Lanka and begged us to take their money? What a load of tosh.

    Its simple economics, Rajapakse trashes the economy by stealing and building grand vanity projects that have all ended up as a white elephants with zero economic return. So then he buggers off and someone else has to come pick up the pieces. Drastic measures are need to fix whats left. Fixing it is unpopular so this government will be voted out and then Rajapakse will return to trash it again.

    Same thing happened in 2002-2004. Only then it was Chandrika who had trashed the economy. The SLFP's left leaning economic policies have always crippled the economy.

    And mind you the current spate of strikes is being caused by non other than Rajapakse, he is using all his means to undermine the current government via his various cats paws in the trade unions. Anyone who argues otherwise is blind. Him and his cohorts are so desperate to get back to power and begin the stealing an intimidation all over again.

    I for one prefer to live in an country where there is no fear if you speak against the government. During the MaRa regime people could not even have a casual conversation over a meal and drink for fear of being overheard and threatened or worse arrested or even worse disappeared.

    People have forgotten what it was like, short memories.

    I agree to an extent that the government is weak, they need to take a stronger stance on trade unions. The majority of the country doesnt want trade unions or to be held hostage to them. The state sector is 1.5 million people, the country is 20 million. What we need is Thatcherism, smash the trade unions. The state sector is bloated and inefficient, fire the lot of them.

    I am not going to get into a pointless argument but your claim that it is the IMF who came to us is just laughable. Just another way the MaRa's and Wimal's of the world try to divert attention. It is all a foreign conspiracy.

    No my friend, the conspiracy is within.
    So, I guess you are one of those who are still blaming George W. for the current upheavals in the US economy?

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    Guys, please don't get much politics involved in this place. There are many members from overseas viewing the forum too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ULfan79 View Post
    When you say "looking inwards" i assume you obviously refer to the previous govt actions (and you've named all their actions ) which is funny because that's exactly what the present govt says as an excuse for the current mess we are facing. Well thats fine...but hang on a second mate... didnt these yahapalana do-gooders come into power saying they will fix everything they are economic experts, etc, etc and common masses will be saved?? Look what's happened now? Can you honestly say it is better now than before Jan 8th 2015?
    Looking inwards does not mean blaming others...It mean what is the present situation and how did we get here and how can we get out of it without blaming others like making statement like "it is foreign conspiracy"

    Second yes I blame previous GOSL for the current situation of UL; which had made the company completely unviable to operate

    Third I blame the current administration for not taking any actions on the wrongdoing and not taking on the unions...basically inept

    And you've got the whole IMF story confused. Its true this govt needs the IMF for its survival but IMF also has their agenda in offering these loans. Theres a reason why these conditions are attached and thats the main reason for the increasing descent from the common masses. Infact the yahapalana stooges are just here to carry out this...But lets not get into that here. Afterall we are here to discuss srilankan aviation
    I am pretty comfortable with information what I have about the IMF...thank you for useless info.

    Quote Originally Posted by Haleef View Post
    Guys, please don't get much politics involved in this place. There are many members from overseas viewing the forum too.
    politics is very much intertwined with UL. Until such a time that state/GOSL relinquish its controls and shareholding
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    Qatar Airways is to launch a fourth daily non-stop flight from Doha to Colombo starting 1 August, 2017.

    In addition two of the four daily flights will be serviced by Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to accommodate the increased travel demand to and from Sri Lanka.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haleef View Post
    Can't be.. Must be a mistake, as there is no flight to CMB from XFW. I doubt 4R-AND is registered into UL registration, and I don't think it did any customer acceptance flights..
    4R-AND is coming Sri Lanka on 28 Jul as per skyliners. Some one confirm if it's correct please.

    Airbus A321 -251N 7697 4R-AND Sri Lankan for delivery 28-29jul17 XFW-DXB-CMB

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