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    Quote Originally Posted by Banuthev View Post
    Thanks, Kflyer. I have found the picture of 4R-ADG ( on, which was taken in 2004. What actually happened to this aircraft now ? As far as I know SriLankan Airlines has A340s on regs : ADA, ADB, ADC, ADE and ADF. Unfortunately ADD destroyed in Terrorism.
    Yeh what is this aircraft? Is it a photoshopped image?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordvader View Post
    Yeh what is this aircraft? Is it a photoshopped image?
    Probably this is 4R-ADC where C looks like G due to some artifact in the picture. ADG was never recorded in the history except this one place.

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    According to Kflyer's statement in A.Net, MSN381 is currently undergoing pre-delivery refurbishment at XMN.

    PIA Pakistan (PK) plans to resume Malé and operate it with Colombo as Triangular flights.

    As per SABRE Flight Systems, SriLankan increases Karachi flights from four weekly to five weekly effective 27 March 2011.

    Crystal Thai Airlines plans to operate Bangkok to Colombo to Dubai route soon. Does Colombo to Dubai route still have an enough bileteral to increase flights ?

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    CMB now has live flight info on website. Still hidden deep within. UL511 in op in S11, day 3 0905 CMB dep.

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    Looks Like a B773

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    @ LiangHKG - Firstly of all I wish you a Happy Chinese NewYear. Thanks for posting the picture of MSN 381 from TAECO Maintanance base in Xiamen. I think the picture you posted probably shoted prior repainting as some of the windows are covered in plastic. Do you know when MSN 381 will be repainted in SriLankan Airlines livery ? or is it already done ?

    @ Serendib - SriLankan already has started Guangzhou flights on the 28th January 2011.

    Interesting to know SriLankan is once again planning to re-commence Australia flights (i think the reporter meant re-commencement in 2011). Do you think SriLankan can make this in real ? BTW SriLankan said they will launch Moscow flights once they have obtained the additional widebody? Does anybody have an update on this ?

    Whats happening with 4R-ABL ?

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    Is their enough room to handle those aircraft's at CMB? It's getting Busy right... I'm living just about 300 meters away from the runway! I can hear alot of aircrafts taking off & landing...! I don't think that they have any Idea about building a new terminal! any Idea about that?

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    I am wondering why the major airlines in Europe,have still not started flying to BIA.
    Airlines like,British airways,Air France,Lufthansa,Aeroflot,KLM.

    Any news on the above Airlines

  10. #30 aviation maintenance blog.....this got both avionic and mechanical theories

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    SriLankan to add an A340; order for A320 confirmed

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    Any idea why SriLankan got aircraft with CFM engines from Sahaab if they are ordering more IAE A320s? Also is UL going to replace their older A340s with newer ones? There dont seem to be very many newer A343s on the market now (theyve already snapped up one of the better ones from CX). Also I noted that four of the A343s are owned by Veling. Does that mean that when it comes to fleet replacement they will have to replace all 4 (even though one is newer)?

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    Srilankan's Brand new A320's are all CFM engines.. as per

    I spoke with a lot of A320 pilots who say that the CFM engines are the best on the A320 performance wise.. I hope they stick with em.. instead of the IAE engines... Look what happened to Kingfisher Airlines... They had 9 of their A320 fleet grounded for some time.. all IAE powered.

    1 more A320-214 from Sahaab... then the 3 Brand new ones from Airbus comes online by end of 2011.

    As per the A340 from Cathay... I dont know what they will do to the interior... maybe they can change.. who knows.. the A340 4R-ADE/ADF are going in for Refurbishment on the month of May.. Srilankan did not change the interiors from the Ex BMI A330.. which seats 18/236 whereas the rest of the A330 configurations are 12/275.

    BTW can anybody enlighten me as to how many widebody A340/330 is Srilankan planning to induct? and also how many more A320's they are planning on after the 3 new ones from Airbus? Any A321's in the near future???? isnt their goal to be a 25 plane fleet by 2015?

    Also other than the flatbed seating on Business class, are the aircrafts getting new economy class seats???

    @Kflyer: pls..pls..pls.. next time u mention about UL launching Moscow pls say DME or SVO which are the proper identification for the 2 most popular Moscow airports.. It would look better instead of MOW... Just my opinion..


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    Quote Originally Posted by Freqflyer View Post

    Srilankan's Brand new A320's are all CFM engines.. as per

    Planespotters isnt a reliable source, since anyone can enter details on their page. CAPA (Centre of Asia Pacific Aviation) states that the 3 new A320s are IAE engined and are owned by Air Lease Corp.

    KFlyer, on his site states the same info. Check Banuthev's post above for info.

    It will be interesting to see how they reconfig their existing A340 fleet and whether the first 3 (ADA-C) will be replaced anytime soon.

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    IAE is not that faulty. Not a bad choice. ABK is currently running at about 8/9h daily utilization - which is considerably low. I have no idea where can they profitably deploy three more unless they strategically plan and assign them to routes. ADG is an addition, not a replacement. If I knew which MOW was it, I would've told. But it has to be DME.

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    Interview with Nishantha Wickremasinghe, Chairman of SriLankan Airlines:

    Interview with Manoj Gunawardena, CEO of SriLankan Airlines:

    Judging from the above 2 articles..

    I see more flights to Pakistan, India, and other regional destinations.. increase in frequencies and new additions..I foresee a daily ops into Karachi and more destinations in Pakistan.. More points in South India Madurai (there was a news paper article on a UL team in Madurai), Increase frequencies to Trichy, MAA, BLR.. I think the article stated that they wanted to increase flights into BOM and DEL... may see a relaunch into CJB, HYD and as per the article they say they can fly into more points into India and revisit some of the destinations they shut down.

    3 new A320's- BAH,DOH,MCT should see increase in frequencies.

    The above articles by the Chairman and CEO make me say this.

    Do you guys think that the UL 316 CMB-SIN-KUL-CMB flight that departs CMB at midnight will be broken into CMB-SIN-CMB and CMB-KUL-CMB using the new A320 and see increase in frequencies to daily services??? This move if they do it can free up 1 wide body aircraft as well.. this could possibly mean that the afternoon TRZ flight can go double daily as Tamil Nadu citizens love going to Singapore and would not mind connecting via CMB both ways.

    @lordvader- Thanks for the details... I will not use to quote from here on...

    @kflyer- Ha Ha Ha.. i agree with you on that.. i think it should be DME as SVO is mostly Aeroflot ops...

    are they refurbishing Economy class as well? Any possibilities of the A321??? my only questions that were not looked at...


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    The second Srilankan Air Taxi twotter is in preparation at Calgary International Airport.

    Photo courtesy of Wee in YYC....

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalgaryLankan View Post
    The second Srilankan Air Taxi twotter is in preparation at Calgary International Airport.

    Photo courtesy of Wee in YYC....
    Not even the first one is in operation ! Wasting money.

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    With Cricket WC around the corner just curious about how all the Cricket teams are hopping between cities and countries? Are they using regular scheduled flights or any charters being provided?

    May be fans around CMB will see some new birds if there are charters. How is teams traveling to Kandy and Hambantota? via road or flying?

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    @ FreqFlyer - It appears to be MOW will be the next new destination after COK resumption. CAPA says UL is re-starting Australia flights in 2012.

    @ CalgaryLankan - According to UL website, Luxury Coaches are in service between Kandy and Hambantota inorder to transport the Cricket Fans. I will find out if there is any international charters are operating for Cricket Worldcup.

    @ Kflyer - Could you please tell us how is the pax-load on UL's CAN flights ?

    Why C-FBBA has not been started its schedule service yet ? Is it because of its charter operation for Galle Literary Festival, Cricket World cup ... Any idea when C-GLKB would be leaving YYC ?

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